Your favorite services go down.
Get notified.

Your teammate sends you a link to review their PR on GitHub.

You give it a click, ready to help, only to see Chrome take ages to load the page.

"That's weird, better check their status page. Ah of course, all green."

OnlineOrNot can help you out.

3rd-Party Status Pages by OnlineOrNot

We independently monitor the following services, so you don't have to wonder if your internet is having issues, or if they're actually down.

You can also subscribe to individual status pages to receive emails whenever an incident is detected or resolved.

Am I missing your favorite service? Let me know on Twitter @rozenmd

We're using OnlineOrNot's own uptime monitoring service based in Virginia, USA to verify if the service is accessible. In the future, we'll integrate with other uptime providers to gather a consensus before marking a service as offline.

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