OnlineOrNot's Product Roadmap - GraphQL Testing & Monitoring

22 January, 2019

Author: Max Rozen

OnlineOrNot's Product Roadmap - GraphQL Testing & Monitoring

OnlineOrNot is under active development, over time you can expect more features, and integrations to help manage the testing and uptime monitoring of your GraphQL servers.

What’s been built so far:

  • Test against every GraphQL server in your stack
  • Multiple tests per GraphQL server
  • Immediate Slack notifications on certain criteria

Where we're going:

  • Smarter notifications

    • Cross-region verification of false positives
  • More Integrations

    • PagerDuty, Twilio, Custom Webhooks
  • Organisation-level User Management

    • Invite unlimited collaborators to your Organisation
    • Permissions management
  • Charts for Incident Reporting

    • Gain a better understanding of when your GraphQL server goes down
  • Billing

    • Change your plan at any time

Let me hear your thoughts!

I'd love to hear what you think about OnlineOrNot so far.

Feel free to post your opinions here:

Thank you for all of your support!

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