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Add pages to monitor page speed

Once you're logged in, navigate your way to to see your list of pages being monitored for page speed.

As a new user, this list will be empty, so let's add some pages to monitor:

First, visit, and enter the page you want to monitor. Here's an example for you:

OnlineOrNot Add Pages to Monitor

Once you've added your page, you'll be redirected back to your list of pages being monitored. Results showing N/A means a successful test hasn't run yet. It typically takes a few minutes, for example:

OnlineOrNot Page Speed Monitoring List

Eventually, when the result is back, you should see some numbers:

OnlineOrNot Page Speed results


After about five minutes, you should see your first page speed results coming in, and you can get back to the rest of your day.

If you don't see results, it's highly likely that your site blocks robots from visiting - in this case, please let us know via the chat window or at