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Invite your Team

It's pretty common for monitoring to fall to a single person - we at OnlineOrNot don't think that's right. Keeping your sites online is your whole team's job, not the responsibility of one person.

Inviting teammates

To invite teammates, visit the People tab, then click on "Invite teammate". Alternatively, visit this URL:

If your team has paid for the Team Plan, you should see the following screen:

Invite your team

User roles

OnlineOrNot has two user roles:

  • Admin
    • Admin users have full access to the system. They can invite new users, update billing, and more.
  • Standard
    • Standard users can only add new pages to monitor, update and delete existing pages, and add integrations for the team.

Invitation Expiry

When a Standard or Admin user is invited to OnlineOrNot, they are sent an email letting them know who invited them.

Invitations expire after 7 days (for security reasons), so if your teammate misses the email, they may need to be invited again.