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Invite your Team

This is a feature of Paid Plans.

It's pretty common for monitoring to fall to a single person - we at OnlineOrNot don't think that's right. Keeping your sites online is your whole team's job, not the responsibility of one person.

Inviting teammates#

To invite teammates, visit the People tab, then click on "Invite teammate". Alternatively, visit this URL:

If your team has paid for the Team Plan, you should see the following screen:

Invite your team

User roles#

OnlineOrNot has two user roles:

  • Admin
    • Admin users have full access to the system. They can invite new users, update billing, and more.
  • Standard
    • Standard users can only add new pages to monitor, update and delete existing pages, and add integrations for the team.


When a Standard or Admin user is invited to OnlineOrNot, they are sent an email letting them know who invited them.

Invitations expire after 7 days (for security reasons), so if your teammate misses the email, they may need to be invited again.