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Slack Alerts

How It Works#

  • Sign up for OnlineOrNot, starting with our free tier.
  • Click on Settings in the Navigation Menu, then click on Integrations in the side menu, and click on the "Add to Slack" button.
  • Sign in to Slack in the new window, and select which channel you would like OnlineOrNot to notify you in.
  • OnlineOrNot will automatically test your pages, and use Slack to notify you in your channel specified earlier

Things OnlineOrNot sends notifications for#

OnlineOrNot will currently send notifications on any page that doesn't return a HTTP status code of 200. When a page doesn't send HTTP 200, we consider this an outage.

Each outage will send you two notifications:

  1. To alert you that an outage has started, and currently affecting your page
  2. To alert you that an outage has ended

Slack Alerts by OnlineOrNot

For further help#

Feel free to either use our Chat window, or contact me directly at