Add OnlineOrNot to Slack

To send notifications to Slack whenever any tests for a given Application see something you didn't expect, Open the Applications page and Edit your Application. You should see the following screen: Edit Application Screen

Click on the "Add to Slack" button, and add the OnlineOrNot into a Slack Channel of your choosing.

Once you confirm with Slack, you'll be sent back to OnlineOrNot.

Things OnlineOrNot sends notifications for

OnlineOrNot currently only has three incidents in which it will send a Slack notification:

  • GraphQL server did not respond in time
  • GraphQL server responded with unexpected data
  • GraphQL server did not respond with data (typically a HTML page)

Each incident will send you two notifications:

  1. To alert you that an incident is active, and currently affecting your service
  2. To alert you that an incident has been resolved