What is OnlineOrNot?

OnlineOrNot is a GraphQL Testing Service.
It allows you to continuously run snapshot tests and regression tests against any GraphQL server runtime. It notifies you instantly in the case of any problems.

Get Started

There are two main ways to get started with OnlineOrNot:

  1. Learn by doing: Create your account/Sign in, and add the GraphQL queries you want to test!
  2. Quick Start: The quick start is intended for developers who want to see the whole flow before adding their GraphQL queries.

What is a GraphQL test?

A GraphQL test is a request to your GraphQL service containing the query you wish to test. A test may run at any interval, defined by you.

What is an Application?

An Application in OnlineOrNot is a URL pointing to a GraphQL server endpoint.


OnlineOrNot currently supports the following alert methods:

  • Slack

We plan to add the following methods shortly:

  • Webhook
  • Email
  • PagerDuty
  • SMS


After signing up, the account owner may invite users to manage an Organisation. A team-mate can add or archive GraphQL tests depending on the role. If you are on a Standard plan, you can add up to 5 users under an Organisation, increasing to 30 users for a Pro plan.

There are three roles for users. Roles limit the user’s control in the Organisation.

  • Owner

  • Admin

  • User

Read more about Users.