Simple and reliable GraphQL regression monitoring

OnlineOrNot uses Slack to help you test and monitor GraphQL applications without having to write code.

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OnlineOrNot's Slack Integration: How It Works

0. Sign up to OnlineOrNot, either using a free trial or a paid subscription.

1. Create an Application, and click on the "Add to Slack" button.

2. Sign in to Slack in the new window, and select which channel you would like OnlineOrNot to notify you in.

3. Create Tests for your GraphQL server

4. OnlineOrNot will automatically run those tests against your server, and use Slack to notify you in your channel specified earlier

Things OnlineOrNot sends notifications for

OnlineOrNot currently only has three incidents which will trigger a Slack notification:

  • GraphQL server did not respond in time
  • GraphQL server responded with unexpected data
  • GraphQL server did not respond with data (typically a HTML page)

Each incident will send you two notifications:

  1. To alert you that an incident is active, and currently affecting your service
  2. To alert you that an incident has been resolved