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I love when I get alerts for the dozens of sites we manage, and the site isn't actually offline.

— No one, ever.

Monitor with confidence

Everything you need to be sure that your website is running smoothly

Configurable Alerts

You don't want alerts for sites that aren't really down for everyone. Configure retries, and how many minutes of downtime to wait before sending an alert.

Fast Alerts

Getting alerts ages after your site goes down isn't great. We use email deliverability best-practices so your alerts get delivered, fast.

Alerts where you need them

Get notified when your site goes down, and when it comes back via Email and Slack. Alerts via SMS and phone call coming soon!

Text Search

Want to detect when your page stops showing certain text? OnlineOrNot can search your page for text to catch error pages that don't send error codes.

Global Monitoring

Monitor from any one of 10 major cities around the world. Check out our supported regions.

Bring the whole team

Monitoring is your whole team's job, not the responsibility of just one person. Bring your whole team at no extra cost.

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