Know their site is downbefore your clients do

OnlineOrNot is an uptime monitoring service.
It monitors your clients' websites, sends you alerts when thing go wrong, and lets you fix issues, before they impact revenue.

I love when I get alerts for the dozens of client sites we manage, and the site isn't actually offline.

— No one, ever.

Monitoring client websites can get noisy. No matter what software you use to build them, if you host your client websites, you know the headache of getting alerts for sites that aren't down, or worse, the client ringing you asking why the site is down, without you being aware of it.

Most client websites are fairly reliable, running stable for months. Then there are the others. The sites that you get alerts several times a day for. The ones that have you building complex email filters, or Zapier integrations to catch them before they distract you, and take up even more of your attention span.

OnlineOrNot is a super simple uptime monitoring service that you can use to monitor your client websites today, to reliably get alerts when things actually go wrong. It has several built-in options to customise when each monitor should send an alert. No more alerts at 5pm on a Friday for sites that aren't actually down.

Max Rozen, creator of OnlineOrNot

Tired of unreliable, slow, extremely "enterprise software"-feeling monitoring apps, I built OnlineOrNot to get false-positive-free alerts whenever your pages become unreachable.

Max Rozen

Creator of OnlineOrNot

Okay, but how is OnlineOrNot different from other uptime monitoring software?

Great question! For a start, OnlineOrNot isn't really your average uptime monitoring software at all. Let me explain...

As part of a typical agency retainer/maintenance agreement, chances are, you've used one of the following individual tools to add value:

  • Ahrefs for SEO monitoring
  • AWS for SSL certificates and renewal
  • WebPageTest for synthetic monitoring
  • SpeedCurve for real-user monitoring
  • StatusPage for public status pages
  • Opsgenie or PagerDuty for incident management
  • ...and so on.

Finding uptime monitoring software that does all of these things well (and I mean well, not adequately) is practically impossible. Ahrefs is the best for tracking SEO, Opsgenie and PagerDuty win when it comes to incident management. StatusPage is what organisations trust for managing their status pages.

Why would you want a complex uptime monitoring tool that tries to do all of these things, but doesn’t do them well enough? Not only that, but you end up realising you're not even using half of the features, you start getting alerts for sites that aren't even offline, and start thinking about disabling monitoring entirely for the particularly noisy sites.

Then, you’re stuck paying $99/month for something that barely manages to tell you when your sites are actually down. And you end up spending so much wasted time coming up with ways to make your monitors less noisy.

What a pain.

That, is what drove me to make OnlineOrNot. OnlineOrNot is a simple dashboard that only handles uptime monitoring. You're then free to pick and choose the best tools for each job, as you need them.

OnlineOrNot gives you the best of both worlds: uptime monitoring that doesn't rob you of your attention, and not being locked into an all-in-one (and often lacking) tools.

Everything you need to be sure that your sites are running smoothly

OnlineOrNot releases features several times per week, check out our roadmap and what's new to keep updated.

Verified Alerts

You don't want to get hundreds of alerts every day for sites that aren't really down. We check each site multiple times, and let you wait for several checks to fail before sending you an alert.

Fast Alerts

Getting alerts minutes after your site goes down isn't great. We use email deliverability best-practices so your alerts get delivered, fast.

Alerts where you need them

Get notified when your site goes down, and when it comes back via SMS, Email and Slack.

Text Search

Want to detect when your page stops showing certain text? OnlineOrNot can search your page for text to catch blank pages that don't show errors.

Global Monitoring

Monitor from any one of 18 major cities around the world. Check out our supported regions.

Bring the whole team

Monitoring is your whole team's job, not the responsibility of just one person. Bring your whole team at no extra cost.

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