We alert you
before your customers do.

Before OnlineOrNot: Customers frantically tweeting you, calling you, texting you, wondering why your website isn't letting them buy your products.
With OnlineOrNot: Reliable notifications (for both you and your customers) when things break, letting you fix issues before they impact your reputation.

Just last week, we notified 889 businesses about 409 incidents, while performing 1,246,738 uptime checks.

Beautiful Uptime Monitoring

Making sure your websites, web apps, and APIs are still online doesn't have to mean using a tool that looks like it was built in the 90s.

Set-up is quick too, most folks have their uptime monitoring running within a minute.

OnlineOrNot's Uptime Dashboard

Alerts where you need them

OnlineOrNot supports sending alerts via:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Slack/Discord
  • Webhooks
  • and more to come!
OnlineOrNot sends alerts via Email, SMS, Slack, Discord, Webhooks, and more to come.

Monitor API correctness too

Your servers are responding, but is the data correct? Our powerful assertions feature helps you keep track of the data your API sends.

OnlineOrNot's API assertions

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