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30-second setup.

Simple to setup,
yet deeply configurable.

You don't have to be an engineer to set it up.
Monitoring thats simple, effective, and lets you sleep a bit better at night.

Sometimes our app server goes down when pushing changes from dev to prod, and as the founder I don't always notice.

OnlineOrNot helps us catch these issues hours before our customers do.

— SaaS founder

OnlineOrNot's Uptime Dashboard
Super-fast checks.
Check as often as every 30 seconds, and catch the issues take your website down for less than a minute.
Configurable HTTP requests.
You can configure the HTTP method, headers, and body for each check.
Instant alerts.
Alerts in the tools you already use: Email, SMS, Slack, Discord, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, Grafana OnCall, Spike, and more.
No false positives.
OnlineOrNot runs every check at least twice before sending an alert, with options for even more.
SSL Monitoring.
OnlineOrNot will check your SSL certificates for expiration and other issues, and alert you if there's a problem.
Geo-specific & Multi-location Checks.
You can choose to run uptime checks from one region, or all of them.

Build trust.

Keep your customers informed

Your customers rely on your products and services. Let them know your real-time status with an automatically updating status page.

Minimize support load.
Add your customers as subscribers to your status page, and send consistent incident updates via email.
Private status pages.
Share internal status updates with your teammates and internal stakeholders with a private status page.

We pitch our website to investors and influencers all the time. If the website is down, we look like amateurs.

We know our website is online before these important meetings thanks to OnlineOrNot.

— early start-up founder

OnlineOrNot Status Pages

Incidents happen.

Get alerted immediately.

Bring your team and your tools, and OnlineOrNot will let you know when things go wrong, before your clients do.

Supports what you already use.
Get alerts over email, SMS, Slack, Discord, PagerDuty, Opsgenie, Grafana OnCall, Spike, webhooks, and more.

When my websites break, I used to find out only after several days of downtime - from angry clients.

OnlineOrNot tells me immediately when I make a bad deployment, simply and beautifully.

— a freelance developer

OnlineOrNot Uptime Check

What makes OnlineOrNot different?

There are hundreds of uptime monitoring tools out there. Believe me, I know. I built OnlineOrNot because none of them felt right.

Some were too complicated, designed for mega-corporations with thousands of employees. Others were too simple, didn't offer the features I needed, or were just plain unreliable.

It turns out hundreds of other freelance developers, agencies, founders, and businesses felt the same way.

— Max, the guy who runs OnlineOrNot

OnlineOrNot's dashboard
I don't collect any data about you, and I do not track you. I don't even use non-functional cookies - notice how there's no cookie banner.
Public API & Open-source CLI
You can use our public API to integrate uptime check data into your own systems, or use our open-source CLI to check status from your terminal.
Private status pages.
Want to only share your status page with your team? You can create a private status page that only you can access.

People ❤️ OnlineOrNot

OnlineOrNot is built for scale and runs millions of uptime checks every week. Thousands of sites, startups and some of the world's leading brands have already made the switch from other uptime monitors.

Uptime Checks last week
Detected incidents last week
    • OnlineOrNot has been absolutely fantastic for my bot, Noti. It completely transformed the way I monitor online services.

      The real-time notifications keep me in the loop about any downtime, allowing me to take immediate action. If you're looking for a reliable way to monitor your project's status, I highly suggest using OnlineOrNot.

      Adam H
      Maker of Noti
    • Bet on indie hackers 🚀

      I tried @RozenMD's OnlineOrNot uptime monitoring, and for a few days got notifications of 2min down time.

      I thought that OnlineOrNot was wrong as Uptime Robot wasn't reporting anything.

      Turns out it was the other way around.

      Khaled Bentoumi
      Founder of Data to Page
    • We've been using OnlineOrNot and it has been a life saver.

      It, by far, has been one of the most responsive uptime services we've tried and it only gets better and better as time goes on.

      Alex Bowles
      Founder of Casterlabs
    • I just set up some site aliveness checks for @Archium_io with @RozenMD's OnlineOrNot.

      Took me less than five minutes and it was completely self-explanatory, not to mention gorgeous. Seriously good experience.

      Great job, Max! 👏👏

      Graham Lea
      Founder of Archium.io
    • OnlineOrNot by @RozenMD is all one needs

      It is easy to set up and very reliable. I have been using it for almost an year now.

      Rajat Saxena
      Founder of CourseLit
    • I'm using OnlineOrNot to monitor my @cloakist customers' sites, so I can respond quickly if they stop working

      Love it. Super clean interface, very intuitive. Particularly impressed at how it can wait for full page load

      Thanks @RozenMD for making this awesome tool!

      Louis Barclay
      Founder of Cloakist
    • OnlineOrNot does the job for me.

      Charles Miller
      Software Architect at Atlassian
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