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OnlineOrNot's uptime dashboard view containing charts of page response time
Max Rozen, creator of OnlineOrNot

Tired of unreliable, slow, extremely "enterprise software"-feeling monitoring apps, I built OnlineOrNot to get false-positive-free alerts whenever anything goes wrong with my client's websites.

Max Rozen

Creator of OnlineOrNot

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  • I'm using @Online_Or_Not to monitor my @cloakist customers' sites, so I can respond quickly if they stop working Love it. Super clean interface, very intuitive. Particularly impressed at how it can wait for full page load Thanks @RozenMD for making this awesome tool!
  • I just set up some site aliveness checks for @Archium_io with @RozenMD's Took me less than five minutes and it was completely self-explanatory, not to mention gorgeous. Seriously good experience. Great job, Max! 👏👏

Last week kept us busy

With plenty of room for more pages to check, incidents to catch, and notifications to send

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Overwhelmed by alerts?

Features to give you full control of your monitoring

Configurable Uptime Monitoring

I love when I get alerts for the dozens of client sites we manage, and the site isn't actually offline.

— No one, ever.

Your team should get alerts for what they actually care about. Configure your monitoring in several ways to ensure OnlineOrNot isn't a distraction.

Text Search

Want to detect when your page stops showing certain text? OnlineOrNot can search your page for text to catch error pages that don't send error codes.

Configurable Alerts

You don't want alerts for sites that aren't really down for everyone. Configure retries, and how many minutes of downtime to wait before sending an alert.

Alerts where you need them

Get notified when your site goes down, and when it comes back via SMS, Email and Slack.

Your users could love your page speed.

Monitor your page speed as well as your uptime with OnlineOrNot.

Scheduled Monitoring

Automatically monitor your page speed throughout the day at regular intervals.

Powered by Google Lighthouse v8.1.0

We use Google Lighthouse on isolated containers to give you reliable, low variance performance testing.
onlineornot page speed dashboard view

Play, as a team

Keeping the lights on is a team effort. OnlineOrNot is designed for teams in mind.

Bring the whole team

Monitoring is your whole team's job, not the responsibility of just one person. Bring your whole team at no extra cost.

Alerts where you need them

Notify a single person via email, or let your whole team know via Slack.

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