Simple and reliable GraphQL regression monitoring.

OnlineOrNot lets you test and monitor GraphQL applications without having to write code.

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Getting started

You set up a GraphQL test

Creating a GraphQL test is as simple as copying in a GraphQL query from your application and deciding which alerts you wish to receive.

We run your test all day, every day

We run your query against your GraphQL server every minute, comparing the current result to one you provided us earlier.

We notify you if anything goes wrong

If your GraphQL server starts responding in a way you didn't expect, we'll let you know immediately.

Language-agnostic GraphQL testing
Language-agnostic testing

Test against any GraphQL-compliant server.

Running your GraphQL server on Ruby, Python, Elixir, Erlang, JavaScript, Java, Scala, PHP, C#/.NET or Clojure?

We can test it!

Automated GraphQL testing in the cloud
Automated GraphQL testing in the cloud

Each GraphQL query gets automatically tested every minute.

Have confidence in your GraphQL server every time you deploy.

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GraphQL test coverage

Test every query in your schema and be sure they return the data you expect.

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Instant incident notifications

Get notifications via Slack the instant your query behaves unexpectedly.