About OnlineOrNot

Helping you ensure your business's lights are still running

OnlineOrNot started its life in Sydney, Australia as an uptime monitoring tool for freelance/agency web projects. It quickly grew, and is now used around the world to monitor websites, web apps, APIs, IoT services, internet connections, and more.

Ensuring your business's website stays online and functional, especially during busy traffic periods (think big sales such as Black Friday/Cyber Monday or Click Frenzy) is critical. OnlineOrNot supports this by monitoring your business-critical pages and API responses, and immediately alerting you when things go wrong.

About the maker

G'day! 👋

I'm Max.

I'm the founder, engineer, designer,
and customer support at OnlineOrNot.

I started OnlineOrNot in Sydney, Australia,
but these days I run the business from Annecy, France.

I am a proud solopreneur building in public!

Get in touch with me via Twitter, LinkedIn, or Email.

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