About OnlineOrNot

Helping you keep your online business running

OnlineOrNot started its life as an uptime checker for my freelance web projects. It quickly grew, and is now used around the world to monitor thousands of websites, web apps, APIs, IoT services, internet connections, and more.

Ensuring your business's website stays online and functional, especially during busy traffic periods is critical. OnlineOrNot helps by monitoring your business-critical pages and API responses, and immediately alerting you when things go wrong.

OnlineOrNot also lets your users subscribe to your business's status page, so they can receive notifications whenever an incident is created, updated, or gets resolved - minimising your staff's support load.

About the maker

Max Rozen
Max Rozen
Max Rozen

G'day, I'm Max. 👋

I started OnlineOrNot as a passion project at the start of 2021, and I run it as a business today.

There's no massive team, no investors looking for growth at any cost, just me, running a self-funded, sustainable business. OnlineOrNot is 100% backed by its customers, and has no intention of raising money, or selling the business. I expect to be running it in ten years.

I personally respond to every email, and deeply care about the problems I'm trying to solve - otherwise I wouldn't be doing this every day!

Want to be personally onboarded? Find a bug? Email me, and I'll respond.

You can get in touch with me via Twitter, LinkedIn, or Email.