OnlineOrNot updates from March 2024

Max Rozen

Max Rozen / April 02, 2024

March was a fun month for OnlineOrNot. I spoke to more customers than ever before, developed a long roadmap for OnlineOrNot's status page functionality (it's going to be an even better stand-alone product), heartbeat checks are going to support cron expressions, and more.

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What's new

Up-to-date changelog

For about a year, the only way to know what was new in OnlineOrNot was to follow me on Twitter. I've realized not everyone is on Twitter these days, so I'm now also publishing the near-daily updates on Discord, and LinkedIn.

More substantial feature updates will be added to the changelog (and there's now an in-app notification when that happens). Once a month updates will continue coming on this blog and its newsletter.

External Status Pages

Web applications are more complicated than ever. Your service depends on other services, and a simple status page displaying "Website" and "API" as components isn't enough any more.

OnlineOrNot now lets you display the live status of 25 other services, including Cloudflare, OpenAI, DigitalOcean, Vercel, and more.

To get started, jump into your status page's list of components, click the "add a component" dropdown, and click "add a third-party component":

OnlineOrNot - External Status Pages

This will be a growing list, and I expect to have hundreds of services supported by the end of the year.

Manage status pages through an API

Manually setting up a single status page can be fine, but what if you have dozens, or even hundreds of pages to manage?

To make this easier, OnlineOrNot now provides API endpoints for managing status pages, status page components, and status page incidents.

I've also begun work on an official terraform provider for OnlineOrNot, soon you'll be able to manage status pages (and more) through an infrastructure-as-code setup.

Reminder alerts

You might get a notification from OnlineOrNot during a meeting, and not realize your website never came back online, or cron job never reported successful completion.

To remedy this, OnlineOrNot now sends reminder notifications until your website comes back online. You can tweak the frequency under a Check's alert settings:

OnlineOrNot - Reminder alerts

Thank you

OnlineOrNot only exists because of folks like you. I don't have a massive marketing budget, OnlineOrNot gets its users from folks like you enjoying it enough to tell your friends and colleagues about it.

So here's an ask:

I work on the things that people care enough about to tell me about them. If you think there's something missing, or something that needs improving, I'd like to know more!

You can either reply to this email/email me at, or book time in my calendar if you'd like to chat face-to-face.

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