OnlineOrNot updates from May 2024

Max Rozen

Max Rozen / June 04, 2024

In May I mostly took the time to plan out the rest of the year, as well as one big feature to make OnlineOrNot's incident management more realistic.

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What's new

Fine-grained management for your incidents

There's no sugar-coating it: incidents can get complicated. To help, OnlineOrNot now supports updating components as your incident occurs, for components that recover before others.

Here's a concrete example of how this works. Say your AI provider goes down, impacting your API:

Incident Start - OnlineOrNot Status Page

Half an hour passes, your AI provider comes back online, but your API has degraded performance as your users rush to use your service again:

Incident Update - OnlineOrNot Status Page

Finally, your API scales up to meet demand, and your service is operating as normal, so you resolve the incident:

Incident End - OnlineOrNot Status Page

In short, OnlineOrNot now supports letting your users know on a per-update level, how your incident is progressing, and what the status of each component is.

Additional external status pages

OnlineOrNot can now display the uptime status of the following providers on your status page:

  • Paddle
  • GitLab

Bringing it to a total of thirty external services supported, with more to come!

What's next

This past month I took the time to evaluate the backlog, and see what customers and prospects have been asking for.

Here's the minimum of what I have planned for this coming month:

  • Ability to restrict access to status pages via IP allowlisting
  • Ability to subscribe to status pages via webhook
  • Ability to create or update incident updates through APIs
  • Ability to push metrics and plot graphs to showcase for customers
  • Have historical details of the events + uptime percentage for the past year

Thank you

OnlineOrNot only exists because of folks like you. I don't have a massive marketing budget, OnlineOrNot gets its users from folks like you enjoying it enough to tell your friends and colleagues about it.

So here's an ask:

I work on the things that people care enough about to tell me about them. If you think there's something missing, or something that needs improving, I'd like to know more!

You can either reply to this email/email me at, or book time in my calendar if you'd like to chat face-to-face.

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