OnlineOrNot updates from November 2023

Max Rozen

Max Rozen / December 01, 2023

Over October and November I focused on adding new features to Status Pages and making it easier to iterate on new features, as well as fixing bugs across all of OnlineOrNot.

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What's new

New graphs for Status Pages

While compact, OnlineOrNot's old Status Page graphs were often difficult to read, and tried to pack too much information into a small space.

We now have new graphs:

New Graphs for Status Pages

The new graphs are:

  • interactive, with tooltips displaying each data point
  • visually larger, with y-axis grid lines for easier reading

You can add metrics graphs to your OnlineOrNot Status Pages by adding uptime checks to them, as described in this support article.

Dark Mode for Status Pages

A common ask from customers (and my customers' customers) is to make OnlineOrNot Status Pages less blinding when viewed on a system that has a dark-mode theme enabled.

So we now support dark mode:

Dark Mode for Status Pages

By default, OnlineOrNot Status Pages will use the user's system theme to decide whether to default to dark mode or not. Dark mode itself can be toggled by clicking the moon/sun icon at the bottom of each status page.

Documentation as a YouTube channel

While OnlineOrNot has a fairly comprehensive set of documentation, not everyone learns best by reading. To remedy this, I started a dedicated YouTube Channel for OnlineOrNot, and a Screencasts page, where folks can visually learn how to configure OnlineOrNot for their use case:

Screencasts page

Want a feature explained in a video? Let me know!

Thank you

OnlineOrNot only exists because of folks like you. I don't have a massive marketing budget, OnlineOrNot gets its users from folks like you, enjoying it enough to tell their friends about it.

So here's an ask: I work on the things that people care enough about to tell me about them. If you think there's something missing, or something that needs improving, reply to this email/email me at - I'd like to know more!

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