1. CLI
  2. Install/Update onlineornot


Install/Update onlineornot

onlineornot is a command-line tool for checking on your OnlineOrNot uptime checks, from the comfort of your terminal.

Install onlineornot

To install onlineornot, you'll need to have Node.js and npm installed. We strongly recommend you use a package manager such as nvm to manage your Node versions. onlineornot requires a Node version of at least 16.13.0.

After you have Node.js and npm installed, run:

npm install -g onlineornot

Try without installing

To try onlineornot without installing it globally, run:

npx onlineornot <COMMAND>

To ensure npx uses the latest version of onlineornot each time, run:

npx onlineornot@latest <COMMAND>

Update onlineornot

To update onlineornot globally, run:

npm update -g onlineornot

If you are using Volta to manage your Node installation, you'll need to run:

volta install onlineornot

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