1. Uptime Checks
  2. Request Settings

Uptime Checks

Request Settings

Request settings let you customize the HTTP request that OnlineOrNot sends as part of checking that your URL works as expected.

You can access the request settings by expanding the "HTTP request settings" section of the Uptime Check form:

HTTP request settings section

The following settings are supported:

HTTP Method

We support the following HTTP methods:

  • GET
  • POST
  • PUT
  • HEAD


When sending a request via POST, it might be useful to include a JSON body as part of your request. To achieve this, we let you set the body of the request.

The request body is sent as-is, as provided in the form - so you may need to stringify your JSON before pasting it in the form.

Custom Request Headers

We let you customize any header that OnlineOrNot sends, other than User-Agent - as we need to identify ourselves as the OnlineOrNot bot.

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