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onlineornot supports login via an API token.


Run onlineornot login to open your default browser to the Developer Portal, where you can generate your API token.

Once you create your API token, set it as an environment variable. For example in macOS and Linux, run:

export ONLINEORNOT_API_TOKEN=api-token-goes-here

Verify login

To verify that you're logged in, run:

onlineornot whoami

If you are logged in, you will see a similar output to the following:

Getting User settings...
πŸ‘‹ You are logged in with an API Token.
πŸ”“ Token Permissions:
Scope (Access)
- uptime_checks (edit)

If you are not logged in, you will see the following output:

Getting User settings...
You are not logged in.
Rerun this command with ONLINEORNOT_API_TOKEN set as an environment variable.


To log out, unset the ONLINEORNOT_API_TOKEN variable.

For macOS and Linux, run:


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