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Supported Regions

Where does OnlineOrNot test from?

By default, OnlineOrNot checks uptime from our server on the US East Coast. When we see a website go down, we double check from some of the following AWS regions:

  • North Virginia, USA (us-east-1)
  • Ohio, USA (us-east-2)
  • North California, USA (us-west-1)
  • Oregon, USA (us-west-2)
  • Canada (ca-central-1)
  • Cape Town, South Africa (af-south-1)
  • Mumbai, India (ap-south-1)
  • Hong Kong (ap-east-1)
  • Singapore (ap-southeast-1)
  • Sydney, Australia (ap-southeast-2)
  • Tokyo, Japan (ap-northeast-1)
  • Seoul, South Korea (ap-northeast-2)
  • Dublin, Ireland (eu-west-1)
  • London, UK (eu-west-2)
  • Paris, France (eu-west-3)
  • Stockholm, Sweden (eu-north-1)
  • Frankfurt, Germany (eu-central-1)
  • São Paulo, Brazil (sa-east-1)

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