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Browser Checks

Search for Text

OnlineOrNot lets you check if text is present on your page when checking if your page is up.

This is particularly useful if your website doesn't send error codes when experiencing an outage.

Unlike Uptime Checks, Browser Checks let you search for text in client-side rendered JavaScript apps (such as React when using create-react-app).


When creating a new monitor for your page, or editing an existing one, you will see a field labelled "Text to search for (optional, case-sensitive)", as in the screenshot below:

OnlineOrNot Search for text

Important: OnlineOrNot checks the HTML directly when looking for your text. Be sure to inspect the text you want to search for before adding it to your monitor.

How to inspect HTML

If you're using Google Chrome, right click on the text you wish to check, and click on "Inspect", as below:

Inspect HTML

You'll notice that the text in the example above is "RELIABLE UPTIME MONITORING", but if we check the HTML, it's "Reliable uptime monitoring":

Inspect HTML output

As OnlineOrNot reads the HTML directly, it's important to use the value in HTML for this feature to work.

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