1. Get Started
  2. Create your first status page

Get Started

Create your first status page

When logged into OnlineOrNot, navigate your way to the status page dashboard to see your list of status pages.

Creating your status page

If it's your first time using OnlineOrNot, this list will be empty, so let's create our status page.

First, click on the Create status page button, select "Create a public status page", and enter a name and subdomain for your status page:

OnlineOrNot Create Status Page

Custom Domains

If you want to use your own domain for your status page (such as https://status.yourdomain.com), see this page.


Status pages are for reporting on a list of components (such as your main website, and your API). OnlineOrNot will automatically add "Website" and "API" for you if you don't specify the components you wish to list incidents against.

Later, you'll be able to link your uptime checks to these components.


Once you're redirected to the status page dashboard, you'll see the status page you just added, and it'll be ready to show your customers.

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