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Monitor APIs

For APIs, Checks tend to be a bit urgent. If the API check fails, I know something is wrong, and needs investigating immediately.

I have OnlineOrNot check its own API every minute: OnlineOrNot API monitoring settings

To make OnlineOrNot actually check the API correctly, I have OnlineOrNot make an API request as a real (test) user, with a valid GraphQL query.

I set the following HTTP request settings:

OnlineOrNot API HTTP Request settings

As GraphQL APIs can return 200 OK even when things are going horribly wrong, it's important to set assertions to check the data you queried is coming back correctly:

OnlineOrNot API assertion settings

Finally, in advanced settings, I set the check to monitor from a location close to my database (for fastest results), and set it to only alert me if two checks in a row fail.

As I'm already checking the response via Assertions, I don't set 'Text to search for' for my API check.

OnlineOrNot API monitoring advanced settings

Alert settings

As I check my phone (way too much), I find email notifications to work quite well when things go wrong (no additional settings required).

For added redundancy though, I also have alerts sent to Slack and Discord, which I've added as integrations for my account:

OnlineOrNot alert settings

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