1. Status Page Integrations
  2. Make an Uptime Robot Status Page

Status Page Integrations

Make an Uptime Robot Status Page

Note: you'll need to repeat these steps for each status page component that you want Uptime Robot to monitor.

OnlineOrNot Settings

  • Open the OnlineOrNot Web App
  • Click on Status Pages in the top menu
  • Click on the status page you want to add uptime monitoring to
  • Click on Components in the secondary menu
  • Click on Add Uptime Robot Integration in the sidebar

If you're in the right place, you'll see the following screen:

OnlineOrNot Uptime Robot Settings

Keep this page open, as you'll need to copy these settings into Uptime Robot.

Uptime Robot Settings

  • Open Uptime Robot
  • Click on My Settings in the top menu
  • Scroll down to Alert Contacts, and click Add Alert Contact
  • For Alert Contact Type, click Webhook
  • Copy paste the settings from OnlineOrNot into Uptime Robot
  • Ensure "Send as JSON" is ticked

Sending Uptime Robot alerts to OnlineOrNot

Now that you've added your status page component in Uptime Robot, when creating or editing alerts in Uptime Robot, you can set it as an alert contact.

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