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Our roadmap

On our radar (1+ month)


  • API
  • Terraform Provider


  • Alert cooldown (silence alerts for x minutes after an alert)
  • Maintenance periods

Coming soon (1-2 weeks)


  • N/A


  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • PagerDuty/Opsgenie integration

Released (live!)

For more information, check out our Changelog.

  • API assertions
  • API monitoring
  • Custom headers and request method support (HEAD, POST, PUT, etc)
  • Pick the region we monitor from
  • Pausing uptime monitors
  • Browser Checks - use Puppeteer to check uptime
  • View history of Page Speed results
  • Publicly shareable results pages
  • Webhooks alert integration
  • SMS alerts integration
  • Alerts for non-users (or bots) of OnlineOrNot
  • Weekly insights report
  • Team support: invite your whole team at no extra cost
  • Select how many times your monitor should retry
  • Alert after several failures
  • Slack notifications
  • Search for text when verifying a page is online
  • Check downtime 5x quicker with tests every minute
  • Email notifications
  • Basic uptime monitoring
  • Login via Google
  • Login via Email Magic Link