1. Alert Integrations
  2. Opsgenie Integration

Alert Integrations

Opsgenie Integration

These steps will walk you through integrating OnlineOrNot with Opsgenie, so that when your website goes offline, the current on-call person will be alerted.

Set up an Uptime Check first

To start with, make sure you have already set up an uptime check in OnlineOrNot.

Configuring Opsgenie for OnlineOrNot

  1. In Opsgenie's menu, click on Teams, select a team, then click on the Integrations tab in the side menu
  2. Click on Add integration, then click on API
  3. Give your integration a memorable name, like "OnlineOrNot", copy the API key, and click Save

Configuring OnlineOrNot

  1. With the Opsgenie API key copied, edit your existing uptime check and scroll down to Alert Settings
  2. Under Webhook type, select Opsgenie EU or Opsgenie US (if your team's Opsgenie URL contains .eu., pick EU)
  3. Paste your Opsgenie API key into the API Key field, and click Update

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