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Monitor Landing Pages

I use the following settings for both my main landing page, and the sitemap.xml file.

To start with, I have OnlineOrNot check its own landing page every minute: OnlineOrNot landing page monitoring settings

Things can get noisy on the internet, and it's possible for a website to "go offline" for a minute or two without it being a particular drama (assuming it's not a regular occurrence). As a result, I only want to be notified if my landing page check fails 5 times in a row:

OnlineOrNot landing page monitoring advanced settings

To be sure it's actually the page I expect that OnlineOrNot is checking, I also set the 'Text to search for' to look for part of my main heading.

Alert settings

As I check my phone (way too much), I find email notifications to work quite well when things go wrong (no additional settings required).

For added redundancy though, I also have alerts sent to Slack and Discord, which I've added as integrations for my account:

OnlineOrNot alert settings

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