1. Status Pages
  2. Add email subscribers

Status Pages

Add email subscribers

Once you've created your first status page, you can subscribe email addresses to updates.

People can also subscribe themselves to your status page by following this guide.

OnlineOrNot will send emails whenever an incident is created, updated, or resolved.

Adding subscribers

To add email subscribers, you'll need to:

  • Click on Status Pages in the top menu
  • Click on the status page you want to add email subscribers to
  • Click on Subscribers in the secondary menu

If you're in the right place, you'll see the following screen:

OnlineOrNot Status Pages Add Subscriber Screen

Confirming a subscription

Once you've added a subscriber, they'll need to confirm they want to receive emails about your status page by clicking a link in an email OnlineOrNot sends them:

OnlineOrNot Status Pages Confirm Subscription

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