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Alert Integrations

Incident.io Integration

This is a feature of the Team Plan and above.

These steps will walk you through integrating OnlineOrNot with incident.io, so that when your website goes offline, the current on-call person will be alerted, and you will be able to manage your incident within your chat application of choice.

Set up an Uptime Check first

To start with, make sure you have already set up an uptime check in OnlineOrNot.

Configuring Incident.io for OnlineOrNot

  1. In Incident.io's menu, navigate to Alerts > Sources > Connect an alert source
  2. enter HTTP in the search bar, click on the HTTP card that appears, give your source a name: incident.io alert source
  3. Once you click continue, you will be presented with a screen containing an alert source URL, and a bearer token - we will need to copy these into OnlineOrNot: incident.io configured alert source

Configuring OnlineOrNot

  1. With the incident.io alert source URL copied, in your browser tab for OnlineOrNot, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Incident.io, and click "Add to Incident.io"
  2. Give your integration a unique name (as you can add several of them), and paste in the alert source URL and token: incident.io configured alert source
  3. Click Save, and you will be able to test the integration - click 'Send test "down" alert': onlineornot test incident.io integration

Finishing up

  1. Back in your Incident.io tab, you should see the following: onlineornot test incident.io integration result
  2. Click "Save and continue"
  3. (Optionally) In the next screen, you can configure custom attributes for alerts coming from OnlineOrNot. Once complete, click "Save"
  4. Click the X in the left hand corner to close Incident.io's alert source configuration screen

At this point, you have successfully configured OnlineOrNot as an alert source for Incident.io. You can use your new alert source to configure an alert route and automatically create incidents.

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