1. Status Pages
  2. Link your uptime monitoring

Status Pages

Link your uptime monitoring

OnlineOrNot's status pages report on individual parts of your system, for example: your main website, API, etc.

We call them Components:

OnlineOrNot Component List

Without linking your uptime monitoring, OnlineOrNot's status page behaves like a classic status page, you have to remember to:

  • manually add incidents for each component affected
  • manually update those incidents once your team figures out what's going on
  • manually resolve those incidents when the problem is fixed

Linking your uptime monitoring lets you automate the adding and resolving of incidents.

Adding OnlineOrNot Checks to Components

Since you can have multiple uptime checks running against the same component, OnlineOrNot lets you link up several checks for each component:

OnlineOrNot Select Check For Component

Select the check you want to link to your component, and click "Add".

Once you click Add, OnlineOrNot will begin automatically posting incidents and resolving them on your status page, immediately as they happen.

You may wish to crank up your uptime check's alert after several failed checks setting to avoid micro-outages sending too many incidents to your status page.


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